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Prince and knight


My Wattpad friend and relentless source of UK English wisdom Dan asked me, quite a while ago, how my eldest responded to reading Prince and Knight to him. Fons is four. Dan is … a tiny bit older, and so he never got to read an LGBT bedtime story to his kids.

Well, here we go.

So there Prince and Knight came, on a bright spring day, featuring a sword trick involving light reflection that I once used in a fanfic, so I was all  but bouncing the kids towards their respective beds to share that bundle of joy.

Bedtime story’s theme of the day was of course, the dragon: “The dragon is down! The Prince caught the dragon! What are they gonna do with the dragon now mommy?”

“Uhm…pet it and tell it to be nice?”

“What are they doing now?”

“Getting married. You know like mom and dad. We are married. Do you want to get married?”

“No. I’d like to be a knight. But most of all a cowboy. I already have a hat.”

(He’s so practical.)

A few weeks later we did another read, because knights and dragons rule, and then he announced that since he was a cowboy, he’d like to marry a knight. Knights are cool.

Reading Prince and Knight wasn’t special for him, and that is exactly what made it a great bedtime story. The last thing, in my humble opinion, that an LGBT book aimed at young children should be, is special.

Special is what Prince and Knight becomes when you show it to queer friends and they, without a fault, all photograph the first and the last page.

Special is what Prince and Knight becomes when you show it to straight friends and they try to sell you that when you are not in the world of books, LGBT bedtime stories don’t just pop up out of nowhere. Which might have caused some voodoo eyes on my part (after all they are holding one), but my oh my, they are a little bit right.

Prince and Knight’s only flaw is that it’s a story too rarely told. Which is why it holds a special place in my heart.



I'm the writer of Mesmer, a historical fantasy series set in Ancient Gaul (which I hope to publish one day!). I'm also a reader with a special soft spot for comics, and a mom trying to show my kids all the voices the world has to offer. This is a space for me to type down the thoughts that I can't craft into fiction, and to complain when my characters nag me into doing stuff I don't have time for.

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